About Me

My name is Dana Backlund-Ortiz. I am an Oregon State University Alumni (and a new wife!). I studied Exercise and Sports Science and graduated in 2016. I was a volleyball student-athlete for 4 years.

I am originally from Wildomar, California and moved to Gainesville, Florida right after high school to go to the University of Florida. After almost 2 years there, I transferred to Oregon State to finish up my schooling and volleyball career with the Beavers.

I decided to start this blog “Life After the Dream” because I wanted to share my story. The story of the person who worked their ‘whole life’ to pursue her dream, and then had it ripped away from her.

As an athlete, I found my identity in the game I played, and when I no longer had that, my life hit an all-time low.  I want to share my thoughts with other students (athletes or not) of all ages. Wherever you find your identity I want to encourage you and share with you the various experiences that I have had and how I look back on my life now 3 years later.

Enjoy where you are, pursue your life-long dream, and just know there is  Life after the Dream.


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